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Information for Students

This guide explains library services available to on-campus, online learning, dual-credit and university center students.
You'll need your student ID to checkout items.
Item Loan Period Renewals Fines*
Circulating Books Students: 3 weeks

Faculty/Staff: Semester
1 time $0.25 per day overdue. Capped at $10.00 then a Registration Hold is place on your student record and your account is charged the cost of replacements books plus a $5.00 processing fee.
Reference Books Library use only N/A  
Reserves Varies No renewals $0.25 per day/hour overdue. Since checkout periods vary, the fine may be by the hour or day.
Newspapers & Magazines Library use only N/A  
Headphones, Earbuds, & USB phone Charging Cables for iPhones and Androids 4 hours 1 time $0.25 per hour overdue
Graphing Calculators 4 hours 1 time $0.25 per hour overdue
Study Rooms As available. 
Sign in at the front desk.


Webcams 4 hours 1 time $0.25 per hour overdue

Frequently Asked Questions about Checking Out Books

MCC students and University Center students:

I'm a University Center Student.  May I check out books from the MCC Library?

I'm an Alternative Teacher Certification student.  May I check out books from the MCC Library?

How many books may I check out?

How long may I keep a book?

Can I check a book out again if I still need it?

Is there a fine if I forget to return my book on time?

End of semester: Why is my book due back in less than three weeks toward the end of the semester?

What happens if I lose a book?

Where do I return books?

Do I have to have my ID to check out a book?

Can I borrow a book from another library?