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Library Services for Students

This guide explains the library services available to on-campus, online learning, dual-credit and university center students.

Checkout a Study Room

Need a quiet place to study or to meet with a group?  Use one of our 11 Study Rooms!  Here's how...

  • Check out a room from the Information Desk.
  • Tell us your name and ID number.
  • You are guaranteed 2 hours in a study room. You may use it as long as you need, or until another group or individual needs to make use of a study room.
  • Check the room back in at the Information Desk when you are finished.
  • Rooms may be reserved in advance by asking in person or calling (254) 299-8325.
  • Study rooms are not equipped with computers, but our larger rooms do have extra wide flat-screen monitors for use with your device.  Please ask the front desk staff if you need assistance with a monitor. 
  • If you do not have a personal device, you may check out a library laptop to use in a study room for up to 4 hours. You will need to do this at the front desk while reserving a study room.
  • While the rooms provide quiet study, they are not sound-proofed. Please respect those around you by keeping noise to a minimum.
  • Please clean up all trash before you leave, and...
  • Remember to notify a staff member when you are finished with the room.

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