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Library Services for the Community

Please use this guide if you are a community member looking to use MCC's resources.

MCC's Library Services

Welcome to the McLennan Community College Library!  We are happy to help any patron who comes to our library.

If this is your first time visiting the library, here are a few things you should know:

  • Community members must purchase a courtesy card for $1 with a cash bill if they wish to print anything
  • Community members can only check out books if they have a TexShare card from their local library
  • Community members can create a patron account at the info desk to check out electronics (headphones, webcams, charging cables)
  • Community members cannot rent laptops but are welcome to use the desktop computers in the open access area
    • Please ask for help logging in at the info desk
  • Community members cannot check out items from the Creative’s Collection
  • Community members do not have access to the private study rooms but are welcome to work anywhere else
  • Librarians will be happy to help you with your research

Map to MCC Library