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This guide provides information about library hours, location, staff, guidelines, news, and other helpful information.

Borrowing Materials

All library borrowers must present their current MCC student or staff ID to check out all library materials.
Item Loan Period Renewals  Fines*
Circulating Books Students: 3 weeks

Faculty/Staff: Semester
1 time $0.25 per day overdue. Capped at $10.00 then a Registration Hold is place on your student record plus a $5.00 processing fee.
Reference Books Library use only N/A  
Reserves Varies No renewals $0.25 per day/hour overdue. Since checkout periods vary, the fine may be by the hour or day.
Newspapers & Magazines Library use only N/A  
Headphones, Earbuds, & USB phone Charging Cables for iPhones and Androids 4 hours 1 time $0.25 per hour overdue
Graphing Calculators 4 hours 1 time $0.25 per hour overdue
Study Rooms 2 hours No renewals ♦

$0.25 per hour overdue.

Webcams 4 hours 1 time $0.25 per hour overdue

Fines/Fees/Lost Books

Fines and Fees

Fines are charged on overdue items as follows:

1.Fines of $0.25 per day are charged for overdue circulating books. The maximum fine will be $10.00 before a registration hold is imposed on the student's record.

2.Fines of $0.25 per hour are charged for overdue hourly reserve items for every hour that the library is open, including study rooms and phone charger cables. The maximum fine will be $10.00 before a registration hold is imposed on the student's record.

3.A $0.25  per day fine for every day that the library is open is to be applied to overdue 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, or 7-day reserve items. The maximum fine will be $10.00 before a registration hold is imposed on the student's record.

4.All fines must be paid by means of the Highlander OneCard. The library has no way of accepting payments in cash.

Lost Books

Replacement costs for lost books are to include the cost of the book based on current pricing plus a $5.00 processing fee. If the book is no longer in print, a search for a replacement copy will be made through standard online used book resources. A $50.00 per item flat fee will charged for books that cannot be located through a normal online search.

Computer Use Policy

MCC Computer Use Policy

MCC Computer Use Policy makes provisions for policies that apply to specific computers systems or networks operated by specific units of the college such as the Library. Library computer users should consult computer area supervisors for further information about specific use guidelines or to express questions or concerns regarding computer use.

•Demand for computers in the library's open access computer areas is often very heavy. During peak use periods, you may be asked to surrender the computer you are using if you are not doing academic work. It is expected that all MCC students will respect the rights of others, including the right of access to academic computing resources.

•Computers in the Library are to be used primarily for research and information to support classes being taken at MCC. Priority use of computers goes to current MCC students, faculty and staff.

•Computer users must not change any computer settings or deliberately download files to the hard disks of computers. This includes downloading to the desktop or desktop folders, since downloaded files may be infected with computer viruses. If a program or file is accidentally downloaded, please contact Library computer technicians at once.

•Students should not use DOS commands on library computers, since this may seriously interfere with the operation of network printers or other programs or the network.

•Use of Library computers for access to chat rooms, instant messaging, electronic games (except games used for instructional purposes), bulletin boards, and general Internet surfing for personal pleasure is discouraged, since such use may infringe on computer access and the rights of other students. Library faculty and staff are not responsible for enforcing prohibition on such use unless it (1) poses a danger to the security of the Library computer network, (2) interferes with the use of computer resources for instructional purposes, (3) infringes on access by other students to computers and/or information resources, or (4) constitutes a violation of College Policy or State or Federal Law.

•General use computers in the Library are equipped with the MS Office productivity suite, which includes MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and a number of other specialized applications.

•Students and other computer users are expected to abide by the provisions of the MCC General Conduct Policy, which requires conduct according to standards of common decency and socially acceptable behavior. Violation of this policy may result in the suspension of computer use access, referral to the College Discipline Committee for appropriate disciplinary action, or referral to Law Enforcement.

•Electronic mail is considered to be a necessary and proper means of communication, and for that reason the College provides an official e-mail account for every student. All computer users are encouraged to use their individual student e-mail accounts since it provides automatic virus scanning and other protection against virus infection. Use of e-mail accounts from other sources may result in Library computers being infected with viruses or the accidental downloading and installation of unauthorized programs, including unsolicited advertising, “cookies,” and pop-up ads. Please exercise extreme caution in the use of any other e-mail programs, and do not open e-mail attachments received through these e-mail programs on Library computers.

•There is a per-page charge to print materials, including full-text articles, from Library computers. The amount of this per-page charge is determined by campus administration, not by the Library. The printer requires the use of a Highlander OneCard. Money can be put onto Highlander OneCard accounts at the terminal near the front entrance to the LTC, at other local terminals or on the Add Value machine located at the Circulation Desk.

•No food is allowed in the library's open access computer areas. Drinks in approved containers are permitted. Most of the rest of the Library is "Food Friendly," including the study rooms and the Rotunda.

The Information Desk closes 15 minutes before the Library closes each day to give the staff time to perform closing duties. Please finish all your work on the computer and pick up printed materials no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled closing.


Guidelines for Study Room Use

There are five Quiet Study Rooms available to students on a first come, first served basis. Each room is equipped with a networked desktop computer. These rooms may be checked out at the Information Desk. MCC students must have a Highlander OneCard in order to check out a study room.

Please note the following guidelines:

1. Until further notice, rooms 2-5 are only for individual quiet study and room 1 for 1-2 people.

2. Rooms may be checked out for up to two hours at a time.

3. Those who use the Quiet Study Rooms are expected to follow the MCC General Conduct policy and must be considerate of other library users. Noise should be kept to a minimum, and litter should be disposed of properly.

4. Quiet Study Rooms may be used for study, including sessions that incidentally include consumption of food or drink. Activities that are primarily meal functions should be held in the Highlander Cafe food court area on the second floor of the LTC.

5. Rooms will be kept locked when they are not in use.

6. A fine of $0.25 per hour is charged if the two hour checkout time is exceeded.

7.  Students are asked to wear their mask the entire time and clean their work area with the provided wipes before and after use of the study room.

Collection Development Policy