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Why Can't I Read the Article on my Computer?

There are 3 reasons why you can't read your article on the computer...

1.  You did not limit your results to full text articles.  If you don't do this, article abstracts (summaries) will be included in your search results.  After you do a search in Discovery Search, Ebscohost or Gale you will see an option to limit your results to full text, if you did not do so at the start of your search.

2.  You need to click on the link PDF icon for the PDF Full Text document. It may be on the left side of the page or under the article title in your Search Results list.

3.  You need to link out to another full text database or use Full Text Finder.  In Discovery Search, Ebscohost, or Gale databases, click on a link in the left margin or within the article record labeled "Full Text Finder," or a similar option provided.  From there, you will go to the Full Text Finder page, the library catalog to view print holdings (not available online), another full text database or an online journal site.

If the above solutions don't fit the circumstance, here are four options...

1.  Use Interlibrary Loan.  You will need to leave enough time for you to obtain the article before your paper is due.

2.  Search for the article on the web.  Find out if the publisher has made that particular article freely available on the web (sometimes referred to as open access; no fees).

3.  Check another library in your area for their periodical print holdings (guests generally cannot use their online databases and journals).

4.  Ask a librarian to help you find a similar article.