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Information for Faculty

This "Information for Faculty" guide explains library services that are available to faculty, such as checking out materials, requesting library instruction, placing items on course reserves, and other helpful information.

Films on Demand

With Films on Demand you can search for clips and full videos of documentaries, news, educational content, interviews, dramatic productions, and performances. You can embed or link to Films on Demand content in your online courses in Brightspace using the following instructions. 

Please contact Kristen Cook at or (254) 299-8327 if you need help.

Embed Videos (Films on Demand)

You can either search for videos in the Films on Demand database interface first or search for videos directly in Brightspace when you use the Insert Stuff tool.

  1. Log in to your Brightspace.
  2. Click on Content.
  3. Select the Module you want the object to appear in or create a new Module.
  4. Select Upload/Create and then Create a File.
  5. Enter a Title. Brightspace does not accept long titles, so enter just the first part of the title before the colon.
  6. Select the Insert Stuff button.
  7. Select Films on Demand.
  8. Search for a video by keyword or exact title.  Preview the video or select Embed.
  9. Choose the video size - small, medium or large.
  10. Click Next. and then click Allow (this step may not be necessary after your first use of this tool).
  11. Click on Insert.
  12. Publish the document.

Link to a Video

  1. Go to Films on Demand.
  2. Locate a video.
  3. Click on the title of the video.
  4. Click on the Share link below the video view and then on the Embed/Link tab.
  5. Copy the Record URL.
  6. Students will have to login to view the video if they are off-campus, even if they are already logged into their course.  They will use their regular MCC login.

Link to Videos about a Subject

  1. Go to Films on Demand.
  2. Browse the videos by clicking on the menu at the top left side of the page. Under Subjects, Popular Categories, or Featured Producers, click on View All
  3. Click on Page Link at the top of the page on the right side. Then click on "Copy" to copy the URL.  For example, you could link to the A&E Documentaries.  You can also use a link to a small list of videos in a multi-part series.

Create Playlists

You can create custom playlists by putting together individual videos. Before you can set up a playlist, you must create an account so you can save your playlist.

Instructions for creating and sharing custom video playlists are available at: