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Library Services for Faculty

How to Find an Audio Link

These instructions pertain to Naxos Music Library, Spoken Word Library and Jazz

1. For a full album link:  In the search results page showing just the album title and catalogue number, click below the list on "Static URL to Cat. No."

2. For a specific song, audio book or audio chapter:  On the full album page, select "Show Static URL."  Locate the song of interest.

screenshot showing location of Audio Naxos Static URL

3. Copy the static URL for use in Brightspace.  Follow instructions to provide the audio URL to your students in Brightspace.

4. In order for the link to work off-campus, you will need to add

at the beginning of the copied and pasted Naxos Static URL.

For example:


How to Link to Library Content

You can include an external link to a library page or resource within the Content, Discussions, or Assessments areas.  Library links should always open in an external window and can be added to a module, topic, subtopic or assessment.  You cannot create an external link to open directly from the Table of Contents; however, you can create a module for Table of Contents that includes a library link or other useful external links. 

After selecting the library page or resource and locating the URL, within Brightspace, select the area you wish to add the link.

1.  Click Upload/Create in the module menu.

2.  Select Create a Link.

Create a Link

3.  In the popup window, enter a title for the link and copy/paste or type in the URL. Check the box next to "Open as External Resource." While you cannot track the student progress of the link, you could track the content area in which the link is located.  Click on Create.

 type in the URL

4.  If you want to include instructions or a description for the external library link, click on the context menu arrow next to the link title on the content page.  Choose "Edit Properties In-place." 

5.  You can add dates and restrictions and a description that the student will see on the content page.