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This guide provides information about library hours, location, staff, guidelines, news, and other helpful information.

Answers to General Questions

Are food and drink allowed in the library?

Is it okay to bring my children to the library?

Can you help me fill out FAFSA?

Does the library have any material to help me prepare for the ACT,GED,SAT, NET, etc?

How can I access the library's databases from home?

How can I find my login information?

I'm having trouble accessing the library's databases from home. My login is correct, so what might the problem be?

Does the library have textbooks?

Does the library have videos?

Does the library have e-books?

Can I use my cell phone in the library?

Can I download programs?

Can I install a CD?

How can I access my student email?

What is my student email address?

What is my login for the computer/WebAdvisor/Brightspace?

I'm not able to open or view PDF files on my computer, why not?

What is the Library's fax number?

Contact a Librarian

For further assistance, you may contact the library by  email, chat or phone 254.299.8323 during regular library hours.

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