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MLA 8th Edition Citation Guide: Home

Changes from MLA 7th Edition

If you were used to MLA 7th Edition, you will see some changes in MLA 8.

MLA 8 is arranged around “containers” instead of formats. Books, journals, and web sites are examples of containers. A container within a container is possible, so there could be a journal that is on a web site. This will become evident in the examples.

Other changes include:

  • No cities of publication for books.
  • No medium (print, web, etc.).
  • The use of abbreviations such as vol. for volume, no. for number, and p. or pp. for page number(s).
  • In most cases no date of access for electronic resources.
  • Permanent URLs.

Core Elements of MLA 8

Core Elements of the revised style are:


Title of source.

Title of container,

Other contributors,




Publication Date,


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