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Theater Arts

Resources for theater.

Search Strategy for Theater Arts

Getting Started

When starting to research a topic, it's often best to start with a reference source that is related to your topic, such as Theater and Allied Arts or The Cambridge Guide to American Theater.  Search the library catalog and the e-book collection to locate this type of source or refer to the sources listed in the Backgound & General Information section found on this page.

Theatre Arts is a very broad topic and can take many forms so be sure to be as specific as possible by including the playwright's name, title of the selected play or the period you want to know about.  Too broad a topic can cause you to become overwhelmed with all of the resources that come back.  You can always ask your instructor or a librarian for addtional help with your research.

Background & General Information

Starting with background information will give you an overview of your topic, identify important people and events, and provide a time frame. Getting the basic information helps you create more effective search strategies.  However, information found in general encyclopedias such as Encyclopedia Britannica or Funk &Wagnall's New Encyclopedia cannot be cited or used as a source for your research project.



Welcome to the Theater Arts Research Guide. This guide will help you locate all the information needed to complete your project.  If you need peer reviewed articles, look under the Databases/Articles tab.  Search for books using the online catalog under the Books tab.  Wondering if the library carries a particular journal or do you need a copy of a particular article?  Click on the Journals/Periodicals tab and search by journal or article title.  This guide also has helpful information for writing your paper and citing your sources.  If there is something you need help with, please use the library contact information found under the Need Help tab to ask a reference librarian for assistance.