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Finding Statistics and Demographics

This guide aims to help students find statistical information to enhance their research papers and projects through web sources and database articles.

Searching for Statistics in Articles from Library Databases

Sometimes, you may want to find specific statistical information that might be reported within magazines or scholarly research articles.  Keep in mind that if you do find statistical or demographic information in magazines or newspapers, you should then go to the original source of the information being mentioned in the article.

Many times, by simply researching scholarly or peer reviewed articles, you will find statistics, demographics or research results as part of the content of the article. 

1.  From the Discovery Search screen on the library homepage, type in your broad topic. Example: "mental illness" and adults

2.  From the search results screen, try one of the following tips:

  • add statistics OR demographics OR opinion OR data OR survey in the second text box (you can use one of these terms, use multiple terms joined by OR in the same text box or come up with your own similar search term to relate to statistics)


  • under Subject (located on the left side of the search results screen), click on "Show More" and look for subject descriptors to use to limit your search that relate to statistics or demographics, such as: statistics, research, data analysis, questionnaires, studies, diagrams, charts, population, public opinion


  • choose the "Advance Search" screen, go to the Limit your results - Image Quick View Types section and select Graph, Chart and Diagram. 

It is often a good idea to limit the date of publication of your search results.  For current statistics, choose the last 5-10 years.  For historical statistics, you can leave the publication date choices as is or limit to an older range of years.


Discovery Search Box

Research databases

Limit Your Results

CQ Researcher Database

The CQ Press' CQ Researcher typically publishes demographic and statistical information in each single topic issue, as well as lists a bibliography of research articles, web sites or books that may provide statistical data.