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A research guide for finding information on Mathematical topics. This applies to finding research information in mathematics and the college study of math and advanced, special and applied topics.

Book Search

Using Book Search for Mathematics Topics

The MCC Library Book Search helps you find hard copy and ebooks on academic topics.  Here are three methods for using the Book Search with technology topic search examples:

1. General Keyword:  This searches for your typed words or phrases in all parts of the books' descriptions (book title, table of contents, subject headings, author, publisher, etc).  Be specific in your search; otherwise you will get unrelated results.

Example: discrete mathematics

yields these titles or subjects

Mathematical techniques
Secret history : the story of cryptology
Introduction to probability and stochastic processes with applications
New trends in geometry
How to read and do proofs

Mathematical analysis
Data encryption (Computer science)
Cryptography (History)
Proof theory
Logic, Symbolic, and mathematical

2. Subject Keyword: This searches for your typed words or phrases in the subject headings of the books' descriptions.

Example: problem solving

yields books with these subjects

Mathematical statistics - Data processing
Problme sovling - Statistical methods
System theory
System analysis
Swarm intelligence

3. Subject - Aphabetical: This allows you to browse the standard subject heading list starting with the word you enter in your search.  This allows you to find subjects with subheadings that might be more relevant to your topic. 

Example: Discrete mathematics

yields these subjects

Discrete mathematics
see also Computer science -- Mathematics
Discrete-time systems
Discrete-time systems -- Mathematical models
Discrete-time systems -- Simulation methods