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Services for Faculty

This guide explains library services available to faculty such as, checking out materials, requesting library instruction, course reserves, and other helpful information.

How to Find a Periodical Link

1.  Go to the library home page and click on the Journal Finder button.

(alternatively, you can also search for journal/magazine/newspaper titles in individual databases)

2.  Choose to search for the periodical title with the "Title Begins With" or "Titles Exact Match."

3.  Type in the entire journal, magazine, or newspaper title and click on Search.

4.  Your results will appear listing multiple sources of the full text of the periodical. 

Screenshot of Journal Finder search results for Chronicle of Higher Education

5.  Right click over the database link with the appropriate date coverage you are seeking and select "Copy Link Location."

Screenshot of how to coy periodical link in Journal Finder

6.  Follow the directions for linking to Library Content included on this page.


How to Link to Library Content

You may add a link to a library resource in either the course menu or within a content area.

Course Menu:

1.  Make sure the Edit Mode is set to "On."

2.  Click the plus sign and select "Web Link."

Screenshot of course menu page in Blackboard

3.  In the form that opens, type a name for your link, copy and paste the URL you want to use, check the "Available to Users" box, and Submit.

4.  After refreshing the page, you can drag the link to any position on course menu. 

5.  Click on the drop down next to the link to direct it to open in a new window.  This will allow the student to navigate the library content and keep their course content easily accessible.

Content Area

1.  Open a content area, and in the “Build Content” menu, select “Web Link.”

Screenshot of Content Area page in Blackboard

2.  In the form that opens, type a name for your link, paste in the URL, add a description.  Be sure to direct the link to open in a new window.  This will allow the student to work with the library content as well as navigate their course content.  Select other options as desired and Submit.