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English Composition

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Topic Tips

1. Choose something that interests you.  If you are having trouble, look through your class notes, search the CQ Researcher database or some of the news links listed below. 

2.  Make sure your topic meets the assignment requirements. 

3.  Be creative. Find a topic that hasn't been written about over and over.

4.  Focus your topic so it is not too broad.  You can narrow a topic by using the four W's: Who, What, When, Where

5.  If you are not finding enough information, your topic may be too narrow.  Try expanding the topic by:

  • geographic region (ex: expand from Waco to Texas or U.S.)
  • time period
  • group of people (ex. nurses to health care workers)

Use the CQ Researcher database or these news links to find a topic.

Learn More about Your Topic (Great Starts)

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