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This guide is designed to assist students researching topics in chemistry.

Citation Styles

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Citation Makers

Different subjects require different citation formats.  Be sure to check with your instructor to find out what format to use for your project.  Citation generators will help you insert the necessary information needed for various types of citations.  They offer lots of help in interpreting what information is needed for a citation.  While they will correctly format and punctuate your information, they will not correct your spelling or capitalization errors. Be sure to check the capitalization rules for titles used in citations.

Guidelines for Avoiding Plagiarism

This short guide will explain plagiarism and how to avoid it.

Paraphrases and Quotes

Not sure what the difference is between paraphrasing, summarizing and quoting? 

Paraphrasing: Using your own words, restate "what the original source is saying in roughly the same length as the original." from The Curious Writer

Summarizing: A summary is "much shorter that the original source. If your aim is to summarize a long passage, look for the author's most important ideas." from The Curious Writer

Quoting: A quote contains the exact words from a source.  Don't forget to use quotation marks and cite the source.

If you need further help, try these websites:

The Center for Academic Excellence

The Center for Academic Excellence can help you with class essays, research papers, academic writing, letter writing and resumes.  They also offer computer software tutorials and Word processing help.  When visiting the Center for Academic Excellence, be sure to have your assignment and your student ID.

Location:  Student Services Center, 1st Floor

Phone Number: 299-8500