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Internet Sites By Subject: Business

This guide provides lists of websites organized by subject and tips on searching the internet and evaluating websites.

The Wild Web

The Internet is full of GREAT information!

Unfortunately, it is also full of inaccurate, biased, imprecise and otherwise terrible information.

How to tell the difference? 

The McLennan librarians have vetted the links on this page and we believe they are authoratative sources. That means you can trust the information you get here. If your assignment requires an Internet source, this is a good place to start. 

When evaluating Internet sources, ask yourself: Who is publishing this information and why? If it is difficult to answer either question, steer clear.

When you find information on a Website, click the "About" page and try to find out about the organization. This information will help you select the most authoritative research, and also allow you to put the information into context. 

Good luck!