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Agriculture Research Skills


Welcome to the Agriculture Research Guide!

Agriculture is an important part of human culture. The cultivation of animals and plants sustains our population and makes civil society possible. Because of it is so important, agriculture is an active area of scientific innovation and research. 

To that point, many journals, books, and other publications are devoted to the science, politics, and practice of agriculture. Their pages are filled with the papers of industry scientists and academics. 

These resources include

  • Article databases
  • Internet resources
  • Books

Getting Started! 

Once you have your topic in hand, try to identify the appropriate resource for you.

Do you need academic or peer-reviewed articles? If so, try an academic database like Academic Source Complete.

Is this topic in the news? If so, you may want to explore news article databases.

Do you need a book instead? We have many Agriculture volumes in hardback and eBook formats. Just click the "Find Books" tab to the left.

Getting help

The McLennan librarians are here to help you. If you are struggling to find the right research resources, click on "Need Help" above. You can always chat with us through the chat widget on the right hand of the screen.

Good luck! 


Agriculture Research Guide

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Agriculture News Feed

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