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This guide is designed to support Spanish 1300-2312


How to Search the Catalog for Spanish Books

Here's a quick tip for searching for books discussing Spanish issues in the McLennan catalog:

  1. Select "Subject - Alphabetical" from the drop-down menu below the search box for the online catalog. For your search terms use Spanish. 

  2. The resulting list will provide you with many subject headings that have to do with Spanish. 

  3. Select a subject that appeals to you and browse through the books.  10 results are listed per page.  Click on the "next" button found on the bottom right side.

  4. If it is an e-book, you can read it on your screen by clicking through. If it is in the circulating or reference collection, you will need to come to the library to get that book.

Frequently Asked Questions about Checking Out Books

MCC students and University Center students:

I'm a University Center Student; can I checkout books from the MCC Library?

How many books may I check out?

How long may I keep a book?

Can I check a book out again if I still need it?

Is there a fine if I forget to return my book on time?

What happens if I lose a book?

Where do I return books?

Do I have to have my ID to check out a book?

Can I borrow a book from another library?

Book Search

Subject Areas in Library Shelves: Spanish

Want to just browse the library shelves for books about Spanish? Below is a alphabetical list of subject headings for this topic.  All you need to do is go to the shelves designated by the letter(s) 

PC4001-4977          Spanish

PQ6001-8929      Spanish literature

PQ6001-6168      History and criticism

PQ6001-6056       General

PQ6058-6060       Early to 1500

PQ(6061)-6073     Modern

PQ6075-6098        Poetry

PQ6098.7-6129     Drama

PQ6131-6153        Prose

PQ(6155)-(6167)   Folk literature

PQ6168                 Juvenile literature (General)

PQ6170-6269        Collections

PQ6170-6174.9     General

PQ6174.95-6215    Poetry

PQ6217-(6241)       Drama

PQ6247-6264          Prose

PQ(6265)-6269       Translations

PQ6271-6498          Individual authors and works to 1700

PQ6500-6576          Individual authors, 1700-ca. 1868

PQ6600-6647          Individual authors, 1868-1960

PQ6650-6676          Individual authors, 1961-2000

PQ6700-6726          Individual authors, 2001-

PQ7000-8929          Provincial, local, colonial, etc.

PQ7081-8560          Spanish America